I had been planning on checking my Virginia lottery numbers and my dates for months, but my phone rang today.

My number was on the phone, and my date was on my phone.

The numbers are all the same.

The same person.

It wasn’t the first time I had called.

I’d already called to ask how many tickets I had.

The guy at the phone company told me he could call me back.

He said that I should wait until I got home.

I went home and called my parents to tell them.

At 6:40, I got my first text from my father.

I told him I had to check my numbers.

He hung up.

About two hours later, I received another text from him.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“It’s not right.

You’re in a hurry.

You have to check the numbers.”

The phone rang again.

This time, it was from the company.

They were calling to cancel my ticket.

I had no idea what they were talking about.

They asked me how many of my tickets had been canceled.

I said that there were only three of them, one of them being mine.

When they said there were four tickets left, I told them they were wrong.

I was in a rush.

Their tone was almost angry.

They were saying I was being a fool.

As I waited for the numbers to arrive, I asked them if they could come up to my house.

I explained to them that I had checked the lottery numbers online, but they told me they couldn’t do that.

But the call went on.

And on. 

The first couple of times, my father would call me.

He wanted to check his numbers. 

At this point, I couldn’t imagine what the hell was going on.

My father had a life of being busy and spending all of his time working.

He didn’t have time to check up on me.

In fact, I had lost track of all of my phone numbers.

I kept trying to call him but couldn’t get through to him.

I called the company again and told them to check everything I had listed.

They told me that it would take an hour or two.

My phone rang once more, but I was on hold.

After about an hour, I finally received a call from a voicemail from a woman who said, “This is Jenn.” 

My father said, “”Why don’t you call your mother, Jenn?

She’s going to come out here.

“She hung up on him.

My dad and I talked for a bit.

He was upset that I didn’t check my number online.

I asked him why he had told me about all of this.

He told me I should have checked my numbers earlier.

I don’t remember if he said he was being serious or joking, but he told me to call my mom.

I hung up and called Jenn.

Later that evening, my dad called me. I didn

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