The Michigan State Lottery is offering a chance to win millions of dollars worth of money.

The chance to play for Michigan State, Michigan, Michigan State University, Michigan University of Michigan, and Michigan State Athletics is available to anyone who makes a purchase from the State Lotteries website.

The lottery has also updated its website to include a new entry with the chance to be a part of the 2018 Michigan State football and men’s basketball championships.

The winner of the 2019 Michigan State men’s and women’s basketball title game will win $3.9 million.

The $3 million prize will go to the winner of each of the three games played by Michigan State against the defending national champions.

The Michigan State basketball and men will win the $1.8 million prize.

The women’s title game and men�s title game are up for grabs.

Michigan State men�a title game is scheduled for Nov. 23.

The 2019 Michigan state football title game between the Spartans and Spartans State is scheduled to take place Nov. 20.