An Indiana lottery winner, who had to pay a $1.8 million fine to the state for winning the lottery, is seeking a pardon in the state’s Supreme Court.

Aldrich Sauerbrey won the $1,400-per-ticket jackpot in June 2013, but his case was thrown out of court when he agreed to pay $1 million to settle a fraud lawsuit filed by the state attorney general.

Sauerbryne, 57, is appealing his $1 billion lottery win to the Supreme Court and filed a petition Monday to have it granted.

His attorney, John B. Smith, said in a statement that the petition was “unfounded” and would be denied.

Indiana Attorney General Joe Foster, who represented the state, also declined to comment.

But Sauerbye’s lawyer, William J. Schuster III, said Sauerbys request for a pardon is “patently absurd” and is aimed at furthering his “fraudulent scheme.”

Sauerbyes lawsuit alleges that in December 2014, he and his wife, Janette, paid $500 each to win a $10 million jackpot through a third-party lottery machine that allowed them to play online for free.

In response, the state sued Sauerbies and asked for $1-million in damages and fees, saying that the jackpot had been “lost” and Sauerbes winnings had been used to “exploit a vulnerable group.”

In July, Sauerbs attorney asked a judge to grant him a pardon.

He said in court filings that the money had been paid and Sagerbys money was “safe” in his account.

But the judge denied Sauerbors request, saying the money in his bank account “has not been used for anything.”

The judge also said he didn’t know if Sauerberys lawyers would ever file a response to the request.

Sauberis attorney said Soberbs attorneys are preparing a response that will “clearly show that Mr. Sauerbinys money has been used.”

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