California lottery winner Tanya Z. and her husband, Jeff, were both raised in the city of Oakland.

Their mother was a teacher, and Tanya and her siblings loved sports and sports teams.

She was always competitive, but her parents encouraged her to play sports and was a big fan of the Oakland Raiders.

Tanya said she wanted to be a basketball player, and she wanted her daughter to play in the NBA.

Her family was able to help pay for the $7,500 tuition to get her there.

Tasha had the opportunity to attend the University of California at Berkeley, where she played basketball for the basketball team.

The first day of classes, Tasha noticed the team was playing at a nearby gym and she decided to join.

It was a dream come true, and a great opportunity for Tanya.

Tashawn, her friend and her mom were excited to see her, but they also realized that Tasha was not quite ready for the college experience.

The team was very competitive, and the gym wasn’t the best place for her.

But Tasha knew she had something special to offer.

After graduating from Berkeley in 2011, Tash was accepted into the University Of Southern California where she studied to become a clinical psychologist.

After four years, she was accepted to UCLA, where her parents supported her.

“We just said we want you to go to UCLA,” Tasha’s father, Scott Z., told her.

She decided to attend UCLA because she loved the University.

She also wanted to take classes to become certified as a clinical counselor.

“I just wanted to get my license and work with people,” Tash said.

After a few weeks, Tanya became an admissions counselor and eventually became a full-time student in clinical psychology.

The family was ecstatic, and Scott Z. said he was happy Tasha would be able to continue her studies in Los Angeles.

“When Tasha started going to counseling, she didn’t know anything about it,” Tazana said.

She began to be more confident, and after enrolling in UCLA’s Psychology and Psychiatry Program, she realized the University was a great place to work.

She said that when she was admitted, she felt like she was “at home” in the psychology program.

Tazna was able the to have her own office in UCLA, and they started taking classes together.

Tanyah, Taz, and her family have also been very involved in the California lottery, and their experience has helped many people with their lives.

“It has helped me get into therapy,” Tanyhah said.

“In my first year of school, I was at UCLA and I had to take out a loan to pay for it.

I was so overwhelmed by the stress of everything that I was going through and just going through it all, and then having to go back to school and take out another loan, and I think that helped me heal from my depression.”

Tasha, her parents, and friends have had to make hard choices during her life.

Taya, who is now 25, has a lot to live up to, and there is no question that she will have to make tough decisions.

She has been diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and her father is now taking medication to help her cope with the emotional pain.

“She has been through so much and is ready to go through it again,” Scott Z.’s son said.

Tasmana, Tanya’s daughter, said she was a happy, outgoing person growing up, but the stress from the stress and anger she has faced as a child and a teenager have left her with PTSD.

“As an adult, I have to get over that and just get over it,” Tasmana said.

Tasman, who also lives in Orange County, said that while Tasha is an amazing person, she has struggled with mental illness throughout her life, and that has left her feeling isolated and alone.

Taysman said that since the tragedy, her mom has been taking more and more time off from work, and now spends much of her time with Tasha and her sister.

“Tasman has been really, really, super supportive and supportive,” Tasma said.

Scott Z said that Tash is very excited to continue to pursue her clinical counseling, and he hopes Tasha will be able have her degree and move on to work in counseling.

“To be able be in therapy, and to get help from other people and other therapists, is going to make her whole life better,” Scott said.

They also want to continue teaching so that Taz is able to pursue graduate work in clinical counseling.

Tassman said Tasha has been an amazing mother and daughter, and wants to keep learning.

“For Tasha to be able come to this level, she is just so special,” Tassma said, “and she is such a special person.

She will always be

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