The powerball lottery, which is expected to generate millions of dollars in revenue for the state, has been held since 1996 and has a cap of $1.2 billion, but the state will soon be entering a new phase of the jackpot.

In the past two years, the state has seen record-breaking numbers of winners.

In March, the Illinois Lottery and Gaming Control Board said it had sold more than $13 billion worth of lottery tickets in a single day.

In April, the Lottery of Illinois reported that the state’s jackpot had reached $3.5 billion.

But the amount of cash in circulation has remained steady.

In 2015, the State Lottery reported that $3 billion worth was in circulation, while the jackpots have been at $3 million since 1996.

The jackpot is a state-owned lottery, with the state controlling the purse strings and the state of Illinois acting as a third party.

It has been known to draw large crowds, and it has generated billions in revenue.

But unlike traditional lottery, where the state can buy the tickets outright, the lottery has a limit of $500,000 in cash.

The state also has a “per-ticket limit” which is set by a state board of commissioners, who decide how much money to spend on each ticket, according to a news release.

For the jackups, the total cash in the lottery purse is capped at $1,000,000.

That means that if a person wins $500 from the jackup, they must put $1 in their pocket.

But this can be hard for some people, because the lottery can be expensive.

The lottery has also been accused of inflating ticket prices and not taking into account the value of ticket-holders.

The Illinois Lotteries, which had an operating budget of $3,858 million in 2016, generated a total of $8.6 billion in revenue in the fiscal year ending in June, according, the release said.

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