New York state lottery officials on Tuesday announced the winners of a state lottery that brought $4 billion to the state’s economy and brought $2 billion to New York State in the first year of the state lottery’s operation.

The state lottery was inaugurated in May, and the New York City-based New York Lottery and Gaming Commission will be awarding the $2.4 billion New York Regional Lottery Fund (NRLF) to the New Jersey and New York regions, the lottery’s executive director, Michael R. Sadowski, said at a press conference.

“We have worked tirelessly over the last two years to get to this point, and we’re very proud to have achieved this milestone,” he said.

“This is the first major milestone for us.”

The winners of the $1.8 billion New Jersey Lottery in 2018, which will receive $1 billion, and $1 million each for the four counties of Gloucester, Monmouth, Sussex and Sussex counties, are listed in the lottery announcement.

New York has also become the first state in the nation to offer online and mobile lottery tickets, a move that will increase the number of tickets sold to $1,000 per ticket.

The state’s state lottery also announced that the lottery commission’s top lottery officials, Andrew M. Moller, a former New York governor, and Scott J. Schoenecker, the commissioner, will retire in 2019.

Schoeneck will remain in his current position until his successor is chosen.

Sadowski said the commission will spend $3.2 billion over the next decade to ensure that the state will have a strong economy by 2020.

In the first two years of operation, the commission said, the total amount of tickets issued was approximately $2 million, with a large portion of those tickets sold in the New England area, particularly in Massachusetts and New Jersey.

The lottery’s annual revenue is estimated at about $1 for every $1 of revenue.

A $100 million state bond, approved by the Legislature in 2015, was also approved by New York voters in November to pay for new state building, transportation and infrastructure projects, among other things.

While the state was on track to raise $2 trillion by 2020, it was unable to raise all of its allocated revenue until 2021, when it was projected to receive $3 trillion in state funds, according to the lottery.

The $2-billion increase was the biggest in the country.

The total amount raised in 2017 was $3 billion, but the largest percentage increase was in the Northeast and Midwest, where ticket sales were higher.

In New York, ticket sales reached $2,852 per ticket in 2018.

In total, New York collected $4.5 billion in revenue from the lottery in fiscal year 2018, a significant increase from $3,400 per ticket, the first fiscal year the lottery issued tickets.

The lottery also reported $1 in profits in fiscal years 2017 and 2018, compared with a $300,000 profit last year.

Despite a $3-billion shortfall, the state has been able to close the gap.

In 2018, the New New York Times reported that tickets were still sold in New York and the lottery had been able buy $1-billion worth of lottery tickets.

In September, the governor of New York announced that a new lottery was scheduled to be established to serve the state in 2020.

The commission also announced a $50 million loan for the construction of a new $3 million building to be built in Gloucester.

The commissioner said that, while the state is on track for a $2-$3 trillion revenue shortfall, he expects New York to achieve a surplus in the next three years.

He said the new lottery will be the largest lottery in the world and will have “a tremendous impact on the economy.”

The lottery will have another $1 trillion-plus in revenues over the long-term.

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