NEW YORK (AP) A new book claims the Mega-Lottery jackpot will fund a new generation of doctors and scientists.

The winner, which will be announced Wednesday, is an unknown in this year’s prize pool, the book says.

The author, a New York-based business writer, does not name the winner, but he said the Mega has a good chance of making its mark on the future of medicine.

The book, Mega: The New Science of the Mega, is being released Wednesday by Scribner, a division of Penguin Random House.

The Mega is the largest prize in the world, with more than $6 billion.

It is held every year on New Year’s Eve, and its prize money is divided among winners in the following categories: Nobel Prizes in Science and Technology, Physicists, and Engineers, Nobel Prize in Medicine, Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Nobel Laureates in Physics, and Nobel Laureges in Biology, Chemistry and Medicine.

The prize pool was set at $1 billion last year.

In 2012, the Mega jackpot generated a record $2.9 billion for the winners.