A new book about lottery winners says to be honest about the winners and the lottery and to expect them to come through.

It’s called The Lottery Truth.

The book, which has been published by Princeton University Press, says to expect winners to come up with winning numbers.

It’s also been published in several other languages.

The book is based on interviews with more than 80 winners of the popular lottery program, the Texas Lottery.

Some have had to wait decades for their prize.

The interviews reveal how people choose to behave.

Some people are happy when they win, others are upset.

But the majority of winners are honest and kind, said the book’s author, James G. Riggs, a Princeton professor of psychology.

The authors have spent years interviewing the winners, finding out who their friends are, what their hobbies are, and what they’re into.

They also talked to hundreds of people.

They found that the winning numbers are usually good ones and often get lots of calls.

They’re the most honest people you’ll ever meet.

They are not people who would lie, Riggs said.

The winning numbers also can be very funny.

One winner described it as a “blessing in disguise,” saying, “You’ve just won a lottery ticket.”

Another winner described the numbers as “a great way to get me into trouble.”

The book tells the story of two Texas lottery winners, a man named Thomas and a woman named Mary.

The pair went to a lottery show at the Houston Convention Center, hoping to get lucky.

They were not pleased with the show.

They went to the drawing for the next number, and Thomas picked a winning number.

He and Mary were happy and won $1,200 each.

Afterward, the two made a video message to their friends and family to thank them.

But they weren’t happy about it.

They were embarrassed, and they weren, as Riggs put it, “really disappointed.”

It was a sad day for them, he said.

It made them think about all the other people they had had to go through to win a prize.

I think they are very honest, he added.

The results can be difficult to read.

The authors found that many people have trouble recognizing the winners names.

But Riggs thinks most people who win have some idea of who they are.

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