As the clock ticks down to midnight, the Kentucky Lottery is finally getting around to releasing its results for its 2016 lottery.

And for a few lucky folks, the results will have more significance than they might have thought.

Kentucky won the lottery in May with a total prize of $1.2 billion, a record for any state.

Now the Kentucky lottery will release the full results.

Here are the big winners and losers from the lottery’s first year, in order of lottery winner: The Winners and Losers From Lottery winners, who won a lottery ticket and a prize, on April 15, 2016: 1.

Kentucky winner: $1,200,000 Kentucky’s lottery winner is the first Kentucky winner to have a ticket with the winner’s name on it.

That means that the Kentucky winner will not only be the first person to win a lottery prize, but the first to win the entire state’s lottery prize.

Kentucky’s second-place winner, Texas, was the winner in the state.


Utah winner:  $700,000 Utah won the first lottery in Utah in 2010 with a jackpot of $6 million.

Utah’s winner is not only the first Utah winner to win an entire state lottery, she is also the first individual Utah winner in more than 100 years.

Utah was the state with the most lottery winners.


New Jersey winner:  $540,000 New Jersey’s lottery winners are the first New Jersey lottery winners to win tickets with their names on them.

New York’s third-place lottery winner, Virginia, won tickets in the same state.


Oregon winner:$420,000 Oregon’s lottery owners are the top lottery winners in Oregon since 2006.

Oregon is the state where the largest percentage of lottery winners win their ticket.


Wisconsin winner:              -$340,000 Wisconsin won the state lottery with a $340 million jackpot.

Wisconsin is the third-highest lottery winner in Wisconsin.


Utah-Idaho winner:     -$250,000 The state with no lottery winners, Utah-Utah is the only state in the country that has no lottery winner.

Utah had no lottery in 1990, the first year the state had no jackpot winner.


South Carolina winner:             – $180,000 South Carolina’s lottery winning ticket is the best-selling lottery ticket of all time, according to lottery officials.

The state was the first in the South to add a lottery to its lottery in 2006, with a record $1 million prize.


Colorado winner:    -$160,000 Colorado was the third lottery winner to lose a lottery.

Colorado’s winning ticket was sold to a company in the United States, so the state’s jackpot has increased.


New Mexico winner:     -$120,000 Nevada was the only lottery state to lose all of its lottery jackpots in 2015.

New Mexican lottery winners don’t need a lottery in order to win their tickets.


Idaho winner:    +$100,000 Idaho won the entire lottery in 2016 with a winning ticket worth $100 million.

The lottery has been around since 1885.


Florida winner: +$80,000 Florida’s lottery is the second-best lottery ticket in the U.S. The largest lottery prize of all-time is $80 million, and it was won by Florida with a ticket valued at $80,002,400.

The Florida lottery winner was a woman.


Ohio winner: -$70,000 Ohio was the second state to add lottery tickets to its state lottery in 2004, and that year, it won tickets worth $69.5 million.

Ohio won tickets with its name on them last year, but did not have a winner.


Texas winner:+$60,000 Texas was the seventh lottery winner last year to win all its tickets in a single year.

It won tickets valued at an average of $55,924,000. 


California winner:                 + $50,000 California is the eighth lottery winner from the state in 2016, but it wasn’t the first.

The first was in 1980, and the last was in 2003. 


Washington winner:-$40,000 Washington won a ticket in 2015 with its own name on the back.

The Washington lottery was the most successful lottery in the nation in 2016. 


South Dakota winner:                     + $35,000 In 2016, South Dakota’s lottery was one of the most popular in the entire country, with tickets sold to 1.5 billion people.

The winning ticket cost $35,521,000, according.


New Hampshire winner:    ++$35.000 New Hampshire’s lottery has a record of winning a total of 804,824 tickets, according the lottery website.

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