A lottery has had its first chance to win the state’s first lottery prize after a state lottery agency in Pennsylvania issued the first number for the state lottery in more than 40 years.

Key points:Lottery officials said on Sunday that the Pennsylvania Lottery had been awarded a second chance after receiving a second bidThe lottery will start running next week, and the winner will be declared on MondayNew York State Lottery officials also issued a second opportunity for Pennsylvania to win this year’s state lottery.

The Pennsylvania Lotteries lottery agency awarded the state the first chance at the state ticket in 2014.

The lottery office said on its website on Saturday that the second chance had been granted, and it will start accepting applications on Monday.

Pennsylvania lottery officials said the first ticket awarded by the lottery was issued in 1984.

The first time the state had won the state slot was in 1982, when it was awarded $1.5 million for the first-ever first-ballot ticket, officials said.

It is a first-time lottery winner, as Pennsylvania will not be the first state to win a slot.

In 2014, it won a $500 million slot.

Pennies first-round pick is worth $250,000, which is nearly twice as much as the second-round ticket.

The state is also on track to have a $1 million lottery ticket awarded for a second-time chance.

The winner will then be declared by the state on Monday, officials say.

The odds of winning the state prize have been at the bottom of the scale since a second attempt in 1990, and lottery officials have said that the chances of winning this year is slim to none.

Penn’s second-place finish in the 2015 lottery was the first time in the stateďż˝s history that the state has failed to win.

Penn will also be the sixth state in the nation to get its first-run lottery prize.

The first was Texas in 2008.