The National Basketball Association (NBA) announced today that the league’s two lottery numbers have been updated.

The league announced the two new numbers today in a release.

These are the first two new lottery numbers since 2006.

New lottery numbers for 2018 NBA teamsThe Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls are among the teams who have had their lottery numbers updated.

Both teams’ teams are projected to finish at the bottom of the standings in the NBA, according to Basketball-Reference.

The New York Knicks and Minnesota Timberwolves are the only teams not to have a new number.

The Chicago Bulls’ franchise tag is set to expire after the 2019 NBA season, and they have a $2.7 million option for 2020.

The Golden State Warriors have had the most changes, with their lottery number changed from 27 to 21.

The Warriors’ franchise has a $10 million option in 2021.

The Cleveland Cavaliers, Brooklyn Nets and Minnesota Vikings have also had their number changed.

The Indiana Pacers have had one new number since 2006, the number from which they were renamed the Golden State Pacers.

This number, however, was changed to 21 in 2010.

The team was previously known as the Indiana Fever, which was changed in 2020.

The number has since been changed to the Indiana Pacers.

The Los Vegas Lakers and New Orleans Pelicans were the only franchises to have their franchise numbers updated, with the Los Angeles Clippers and New York Nets the only other teams to have two different numbers for the franchise.

The Los Angeles Hornets and Phoenix Suns have had two different lottery numbers from 2008 through 2018, but neither team was projected to win a title.

The New York Jets are projected for a top-five finish in the NFL’s West Division, according with the National Football League (NFL).

New York has been one of the NFLs most consistent franchises in recent years.

The Jets have won nine Super Bowls, and their franchise tag has an option for 2021.

The Charlotte Hornets and Miami Heat have had changes, as the team has gone from the Miami Dolphins to the Charlotte Bobcats.

The franchise tag for the Bobcats has an $11.5 million option through 2021.

Miami has had four consecutive losing seasons.

The Atlanta Falcons have had a change to their lottery franchise number, which now is 21.

Atlanta has won the past three Super Bowl titles and has the best record in the league, according the NFL.

Atlanta is projected to be the third seed in the playoffs, but its franchise tag expires in 2020 and it has a 2019 option.

The Miami Heat and Detroit Pistons have had four different lottery number changes since 2005, including two franchise changes.

Miami’s franchise tag expired in 2021 and the Pistons’ franchise option expires in 2019.

The Denver Nuggets and Houston Rockets have had three different lottery franchise numbers changes since 2006 when they changed from the Houston Rockets to the Denver Nuggets.

The Nuggets franchise tag was set to become an option through 2020, but the franchise option has expired.

The Washington Wizards have had five franchise changes since 2004, including three franchise changes from 2005 to 2018.

The last change, which happened in 2018, resulted in the team’s franchise being sold to the Sacramento Kings.

The Wizards franchise has an average of 811,000 fans per game, and have won six NBA titles.

The current franchise tag number, for the Wizards, is set for 2024.

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