Georgia State Lottery is hosting the first online lottery on Friday, April 14.

The Georgia Lotteries is a national nonprofit organization, and has been operating since 1932.

Its mission is to promote and promote the enjoyment of games and to support the creation and promotion of games, as well as the economic development of Georgia through economic activity.

The online lottery will be a free, live, 24-hour, live-streamed online lottery where participants can register online or by phone and use the online registration system.

The lottery will allow a lottery ticket holder to enter the draw, collect and deposit winnings at one of three different draw locations: Georgias state Lottery office,, or the Georgians website,

The draw locations are designated on the lottery ticket.

A lottery official will collect the winnings, deposit them at the draw locations, and return them to the lottery.

Winners will be notified by mail and email upon entry into the drawing.

The lottery will begin at 12:01 a.m. on April 13.

The first winners will be announced on April 20.

Winners are invited to visit the Georgio State Lotterys website at to register.

Winners must show proof of address, including a current utility bill, proof of current driver’s license, proof that they have a current Georgia driver’s or driver’s care license, and proof of citizenship, if applicable.

The winning ticket must be used at the location designated on a winner’s ticket.

The winning ticket will not be returned to the Lottery Office, which will return it to the winning ticket holder.

A copy of the winner’s mailing address will be provided by the Lotteria to the winners.

The winners will not receive a cash prize.

Lottery officials recommend that lottery winners check their email accounts for any information related to their registration and the drawing, and also for any updates regarding the draw and the online lottery, including if the winning tickets are available for pickup or pick up.

If the winner fails to update his or her information in accordance with the instructions provided in the online ticket, he or she will forfeit the prize and will not win the draw.

The Georginia State lottery is a partnership between the State of Georgia and the City of Savannah.

For more information about the Georgia Lotters and the site, visit

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