When the Michigan Lottery announced its first big prize of $1 billion in May of last year, it made no secret of the game’s value.

That’s because the lottery app is a powerful tool for fans, a platform that can connect people across all demographics and backgrounds to access all the games in a single location.

So when Michigan’s state lottery chief told TechCrunch in July that the app would be a $1.9 billion success, the app’s users were excited.

But the state lottery isn’t the only one to capitalize on the app.

In November, the New York Times reported that the Minnesota Lottery was planning to add an app for its state lottery to make it easier for its fans to play the games and earn points.

And now, Apple is joining the game.

Apple has announced that it will allow Michigan’s lottery fans to register their lottery tickets through the app, allowing them to buy tickets and play.

The new app will allow fans to buy and play the same games on their iPhones and iPads, as well as use the app to enter the lottery and compete for prizes.

Apple says the new app’s goal is to give fans the opportunity to be a part of the app while also being a part, in the long run, of the business of the state.

“We think it’s great to help our customers and fans find the best tickets for the games,” Michigan lottery chief Brian Fauci said in a statement.

“The new app lets them participate and help the games they love get more players, better odds, and more excitement.”

As part of this move, Apple will also allow fans who register their tickets through its lottery app to play with other users.

The Michigan Lotteries app is currently available only for iPhone and iPad.

The Michigan lottery also said that its lottery apps will be available in other states, including Arizona, Texas, Kansas, and South Dakota.