The lottery jackpot is set to go into effect Saturday in South Dakota, the state lottery administrator said Saturday.

The state lottery will be awarded a total of $1,256,841, according to a news release from lottery spokesman Dan Treadwell.

The jackpot, which has already been split between winners of more than a million tickets, will be distributed among all winners.

The money will go to the South Dakota Department of Labor and Industries, and the state’s lottery will also receive $2,600 in lottery payments from South Dakota’s Bureau of Gaming Control.

The lottery has not announced the total payout, but lottery officials said it is likely that about $750,000 will go directly to South Dakota as a part of the overall settlement.

In January, the lottery announced that the jackpot had been split by winner and the lottery company, making the winner pay $5 million to the lottery.

That settlement was reached after more than 4,000 South Dakota residents lost their lives during the deadly lottery explosion in 2015.

The total payout will be divided between the state and the winner, who will receive $1 million in lottery funding.

The amount will be split among all lottery winners.

The payout is part of a $8.4 million settlement between the lottery and the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and the Department of Justice.

The settlement included a $1-million settlement to be paid to South Carolina lottery winners after the shooting at the State Fair in June.

The federal government is the largest lottery operator in the United States.