As a New Jersey lottery winner, you’re probably not used to being called the luckiest person in the world.

For example, a year ago you probably thought you had won a million bucks and had been living in paradise, but a year later you were still paying off your mortgage and had to start over.

You’re not quite the luckier person in this lottery, though, and you’re going to want to be the one to tell anyone that you’re glad you won.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how the winners of the Ohio Lottery’s Biggest Win have been divvied up.

For starters, the lottery’s biggest winner, the $1 million jackpot winner, won the $2 million prize in a stunning upset.

That upset came after a long, drawn-out process, as lottery officials had to wait until midnight to confirm the winner.

The winning ticket had to be used by a ticketed customer to redeem it.

It’s not clear how the ticket was purchased, but there was some speculation that the ticket could have been purchased at the state lottery’s online store.

In the end, the winner had $2.5 million in cash, and another $2,500 in prizes.

As a final twist, the winning ticket also included a $1,000 check to the winner’s favorite charity.

That means that you could make a contribution to charity if you’d like.

You’re not required to, however, since you can still choose to pay for your ticket with cash, or give it to a charity.

You can see the winners’ winning ticket, complete with the winning numbers, here: So, who won?

It could be you, as the lottery has not announced how much the winner will receive.

You may be surprised to learn that the winner won $1.3 million.

That’s not quite enough to pay off your house, but you’re still in the ballpark of the $3 million winners, so you can make some nice donations to a worthy cause.

This is one of the rare instances when a winning ticket has a lot of value.

It was purchased in person and the winning number was provided by a person with a high profile in the lottery.

In other words, it was something special.

It was also a big upset, but it’s worth noting that the state of New Jersey had previously announced that it would award the jackpot to a family with two children.

The family was able to secure the $500,000 jackpot after a lengthy process.

This lottery winner has earned more than $500 million.

What could you win?

You’re probably wondering about the $100,000, $50,000 and $25,000 prizes.

If you’re lucky enough to win $25 million, you’ll have a $25.5 ticket that is worth a cool $250,000.

The winner will also get a ticket to an exclusive event in a city named after them.

The other winning ticket is worth about $30 million, but if you win $100 million, your ticket is going to be worth more than you think.

That $100 ticket is valued at about $150,000 after expenses, and it’ll net you the winner $150 million.

That’s because you can earn the winning lottery ticket by playing it in the game.

A $1 ticket can be redeemed in the online game and you’ll earn an instant $1 in-game bonus.

You can play the game for free.

To qualify for the winner, a ticket must be purchased from the lottery website or purchased online.

The online ticket is the ticket you’re buying.

You have to have the winning tickets to play the online lottery.

If it’s purchased in-person, you must have the ticket to play and have the tickets at the same time.

If you play the lottery without the tickets, you won’t win the prizes.

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