The latest Keno data from the lottery shows that Keno has won over 5.4 million prizes since it launched in 2016, making it the first Japanese lottery to top 10 million prizes.

The company is now the fourth most popular lottery company in Japan, and Keno is also the most successful one with over $2.4 billion in annual sales, with $2 billion coming from prize money alone.

It’s not a coincidence that the Japanese lottery company has been making waves in the West lately, having just become the first online casino to surpass $100 million in annual revenues.

The latest lottery results also show that Kenos total prize money from prizes alone is $3.6 billion.

Keno also has the third most popular mobile game in Japan (behind Magic Leap and the recently launched Pokemon Go), and is the fourth largest online retailer in Japan.

Keno’s 2017 results show that the company was able to beat its original goal of raising $1.7 billion, thanks to its impressive growth in mobile gaming and an incredible $2bn in prize money.

The company has also managed to attract the attention of major movie studios including Warner Bros. and Lionsgate, who have both expressed interest in investing in the Japanese gaming giant.

As part of its investment, Keno plans to build a new “digital shop” in Japan to sell lottery tickets to the public, and it’s looking to expand this new shop in 2018.

As the company’s chairman Shunji Nakamura told Bloomberg News: “We will build the digital shop in 2021 and we will make it bigger than it is now.”

The company recently announced that it had raised $1 billion in venture capital, including $1 million from Sequoia Capital.

It has also received $1,250 million from Amazon, Microsoft, and Alibaba.

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