The Washington Post is using technology to create a lottery ticket for $5,000.

The ticket, made from scratch and with the help of a company that makes digital video games, is the latest in a growing number of innovations in the technology industry that use computers to create products.

It is part of an increasing trend in the entertainment industry that uses machines to create interactive experiences, and the new ticket will be made from a material that can be printed, cut, molded and sold on an online marketplace.

The new lottery ticket will also feature the word “Lotto” in red on one side, and will be available for $25 online and at a lottery kiosk.

The company that created the ticket, iGame Technology, made the technology, called Lotto, available last year.

In this Aug. 2, 2017, file photo, a man holds a lottery box with a winning ticket for sale in front of the Washington Monument in Washington.

In a bid to attract consumers to the lottery, iGamete Technology’s team designed a prototype lottery ticket that uses a printer to cut out a block of paper, print a piece of plastic and fold it into a piece.

The prototype lottery box is then inserted into a lottery machine that scans the paper block, computes the winning numbers and prints the winning ticket.

In this Oct. 27, 2017 file photo a woman uses a lottery ball to pick a ticket at a store in New York.

If the machine is able to read the winning number, the company said it will make a digital version of the winning prize.

The process can take about 30 minutes and costs about $100.

The winning number is then transferred to the machine, where it is digitally printed and sold for a minimum of $5.

In addition, the winning price will be calculated using the lottery numbers that have been printed on the winning tickets.

The system will work with all types of lottery tickets and with digital downloads of the original game, according to the company.

More from The Washington: The Washington Post will post lottery tickets online starting Sept. 1 at 5 p.m.


They will be $5 each and include a link to a lottery contest website.