A lot of people would have given up before their first chance to win a lottery ticket.

But for one Georgia man who won $10,000 in the 2016 Georgia Lottery, it’s been worth every penny.

Wendy Williams, a retired teacher, won the $10 million Georgia Lotteries $10 Million Powerball jackpot on Monday, becoming the fourth person in Georgia history to do so.

Williams, 62, who has lived in New York City for more than 30 years, is the daughter of a well-known author, who she said is now her mentor.

She said she’s still adjusting to the change in her life and hopes to be more involved with the community in the future.

She said she hopes the lottery money can help her and her husband make the transition to a new job and to live a healthier lifestyle.

Williams said she didn’t know what to expect, but it was a blessing to win.

She didn’t have any doubts that she was going to win and she didn, either, she said.

She hopes the money will help her support her son, her mother, her two sons and her niece.

“It feels like I’m in prison,” she said, sitting in the living room of her home in Atlanta.

She described her father as a kind and compassionate person, and she said she felt lucky to have him as a mentor.

She was also surprised by the amount of money.

She was very happy to be a winner.

She thinks her life will improve because she’s going to live in a better place.

I am a little overwhelmed and I am going to go home with this money, Williams said.

“I feel really fortunate and it’s definitely a blessing,” she added.

The lottery app for the Powerball lottery, which has drawn more than $2 billion, was updated Sunday to include more winners.

The latest winners are:Aldous Huxley, winner of the prize for best novel in the United States, and Richard Wagner, winner in the best novel prize, are among the winners.

Other winners include:George Bernard Shaw, winner, the Nobel Prize, winner for literature, the award for literature of the year; Joseph Campbell, winner; Joseph P. Gresham, winner and the winner of The Great American Novel; and Joseph Goebbels, winner.

The lottery for the Georgia Lotters Powerball has drawn $2.5 billion.

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