New York’s lottery system is designed to give residents a guaranteed prize of up to $1 million.

But some lottery operators, including New York-based lottery company InfinitePoint, have been experimenting with ways to boost the odds.

We’ve been testing a lot of different ways to try and make sure that when you play the game that you actually win,” said InfinitePoint CEO Mark Jansen.

InfinitePoint recently introduced a new lottery feature that gives winners a chance to take home a $250,000 jackpot if they’ve won before, if they win more than $100,000, or if they play the entire game.

Jansen said it’s the first time InfinitePoint is offering a guaranteed payout.”

There’s been some very good innovation in this area of the lottery system that we’ve seen from other operators in the past year,” Jansen told CBS New York.

Jansen said InfinitePoints new lottery system will be in place until October 1.

Janesons company has been working on a lottery system for New Jersey since 2009.JANESONS new lottery program, called the NYPOTION, has received positive reviews from lottery operators and critics.

The program allows winners to win $250 million on the first jackpot, $100 million on second, and $25 million on third.

Janesons new lottery will reward players for playing for the entire season.

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