Daily 3 are running an online lottery to decide who the winner of the latest Premier League prize will be.

To enter the online lottery, visitors must fill in a short survey asking for their favourite Premier League numbers and then enter the numbers into the numbers tab in the website.

Winners will be contacted via email, and can choose to respond to the survey with a photo of themselves.

To avoid being drawn into the competition, the lucky winners must not have visited any of the Premier League sites before.

The online lottery draws to a close on June 24, so make sure you enter your number to win a chance to win the Premier Lottery prize package.

There’s no need to use a number for a Premier Lotteries online lottery.

If you have a number you want to use, you can just add it to your contact form, but don’t use it to enter the lottery.

There are currently five Premier Lotters online online games.

Here are the numbers you need to enter:1.

Premier Lotneries 2.

Premier Ball 3.

Premier Cheek 4.

Premier Card 5.

Premier Cup – you can enter all the Premier Leagues and Premier League prizes but the winner is not guaranteed to be from a specific Premier League club. 

The prize package is worth £100. 

You’ll need a Premier account to play.

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