The Virginia PowerBall winners are scheduled to receive a total of $2,719,000 in prizes in 2016, including $1,834,000 for a trip to Las Vegas, $1.2 million for a family vacation, $739,000 to celebrate a wedding, $750,000 each for a birthday party, and $50,000 apiece for a wedding and a wedding celebration. 

Virginia Powerball winner Elizabeth McEwen, of Norfolk, Va., gets her first prize at the Virginia Power Ball.

The Virginia powerball winner celebrates with her family during a celebration at the home of her aunt in Richmond, Va. 

(Courtesy of Elizabeth McLean) More than a million tickets are already sold in Virginia and Maryland, and there are expected to be thousands more as the lottery’s final jackpot is announced on Sunday.

The lottery winner will receive a check for the winning amount of $50.00 per ticket, and the winning ticket will be awarded to the next highest-paid winner.

“It’s a good feeling to know that they’ve won,” said Maryland lottery executive director Mike Smith.

Virginia PowerBall winner Eliza Miller, of Richmond, Virginia, walks down the aisle to her mother at the celebration at her aunt’s home in Richmond.

(Courtesy of Eliza/Maryland lottery) In Virginia, a total $50 billion will be divided between the two states, which is $10 million less than last year’s payout of $102 million.

Smith said the state will use the money to boost scholarships and services for low-income families, as well as support job training and apprenticeships for Virginia workers.

More: Virginia PowerBALL winners in full: Elizabeth McLean, Elizabeth McLawry, and Eliza McLean of Norfolk.

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