A federal judge has ordered Ohio to pay $1.5 billion to two people who were injured when a lottery numbers app mistakenly gave them incorrect numbers.

U.S. District Judge John M. Sullivan in Cincinnati ruled Thursday that the lottery’s operator, PwC, violated the U.A.E. Electronic Registration Act, which allows states to regulate online lottery numbers.

Sullivan said that Pwc must reimburse two people injured when they mistakenly got a wrong number on the Ohio Lottery website on Oct. 12, 2015.

The error was so severe that one of the injured individuals was hospitalized for more than a month.

Sullivan ordered the company to reimburse $1,100 to each of the two victims and $300 to the lottery operator for “the direct costs of repairing the website” as well as “all reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses incurred in the process.”

Sullivan also ordered the lottery company to make changes to the app so that it doesn’t erroneously give people incorrect numbers and to make sure that the app’s error messages are clearly visible.

He also ordered PwB to pay the lottery winners $1 million for lost wages.

Sullivan issued the ruling after a four-day trial.

The case was brought by two people in Virginia who lost their jobs in PwCs lottery app after the app gave them the wrong numbers.

A third person sued the lottery in February and was also awarded $1 billion in damages.

The U.K. and other states have sued PwCA over similar issues in recent years.

In October, PWC settled with the Virginia lottery and other lottery users in an agreement that required PwCt to pay compensation to those who were hurt by the error.

PwCT has also agreed to implement new, more accurate lottery numbers and make the app more accurate.

The company has been sued in at least nine states over similar errors.

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