Posted September 09, 2018 08:59:15 The Maryland Lotteries $100 million $1 million jackpot has been posted to the internet after a series of social media posts.

The Maryland Lotters post is one of the biggest ever in the history of the Maryland lottery and is expected to draw tens of millions of visitors to its website in the days and weeks ahead.

The lottery posted the news on its website, @MarylandLottery, which said it was the result of “one of the best social media campaigns ever”.

“We are thrilled to announce the winners of the #MDLottery jackpot,” the post read.

“Congratulations to the winners and to all of the winning fans!”

It was not immediately clear if the winner was a man or woman.

“There are still two more weeks to claim your $100M win,” the lottery added in a tweet.

“If you have already claimed your prize, please don’t be afraid to share the news and our congratulations to the winning winners on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and on our website,” the tweets said.

“And don’t forget to check back in a few days for the second part of our jackpot celebration.”

The Maryland lottery said that the winning ticket was sold to a third party who then placed the order online.

“The Maryland State Lottery, in partnership with the winning bidder, will pay the winning winning ticket’s purchaser for their purchase,” it said.

“The winning bidder will receive a receipt for their winnings.”

There are currently 12 people vying for the $100m jackpot, with a total prize of $100.4 million.

The prize money will be distributed among the winners.

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