Posted May 16, 2018 11:06:03Illinois lottery officials have been forced to repay a $7 million lump sum payment to the State Lottery, after the lottery’s chief executive resigned last month amid the fallout from the death of its former CEO, who died after a fatal car crash.

Illinois Lottery Executive Director Bill McCammon resigned in June after his resignation was announced in the wake of allegations that he mishandled the company’s financial affairs.

McCammon had taken over as chief executive of the Illinois Lottery in 2015, and in his resignation letter he apologized for the company and promised to work with the State Gaming Commission and state officials to get the money back.

McCarthy also said that he had taken steps to ensure the company was financially secure.

He said that it was not his intent to hurt the state or the Illinois lottery, and said that in light of recent events, the state has decided to repay the lump sum.

“The State Lotteries financial management, and the integrity of the lottery, was always in the best interest of Illinois,” McCammont said in a statement.

“As a result, the Illinois State Lotters Board of Directors is satisfied that the State will make the payments it is obligated to make.”

Illinois was the first state to pay out a $1.5 million payment to a former lottery executive in November.

In March, Illinois Gov.

Bruce Rauner ordered a full refund to the lottery after it was discovered that McCammond had been paid $1 million in 2014.

In April, McCammons announced a $5 million donation to the Illinois Medical Association to help fund medical research, a donation that has since been matched by the state.

State Lottery Director John L. Stilwell told the AP that the Illinois Gaming Commission is reviewing the latest news, and he did not comment further on the matter.

McCampon resigned amid the controversy.

He told the Tribune that he and his wife were devastated by the events surrounding the deaths of McCamons ex-boss and other top officials.

“My heart breaks for those family members who lost a loved one and who lost the trust of their state,” McCampons statement said.

“Our team has done a lot to make this happen, and we will be working to restore the trust and the trust that people have placed in us.”

The Illinois Lotterys Board of Commissioners met Thursday to discuss the matter and to decide whether to accept the money.

McCammonds wife, Linda, told the Associated Press that the couple was devastated and did not want to make a public statement.

McCammon is currently under investigation by the Illinois Attorney General’s Office over his handling of the state Lottery’s financial records.

McClatchy Illinois first reported on Wednesday that the state’s Attorney General, Maura Healey, had subpoenaed documents from McCamoons office.

McCamons office had not returned requests for comment.

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