Posted by nhl playoffs on Tuesday, April 29, 2019 04:23:25 The lottery jackpots are being touted as a way to boost the coffers of the state of New Jersey and South Dakota.

The state and South Dakotas respective lottery departments say the jackpots could boost local economies and spur tourism.

The Minnesota-based Lottery and Gaming Authority (LGA) says the jackpot is an investment in the local economy.

The agency’s executive director, Ken Burchardt, said he believes it could boost economic growth, attract new businesses and even help people get around.

“This will create jobs, and there’s a lot of jobs out there in the state and the country,” Mr Burchar said.

“I think people will be surprised how much of an impact this can have on their pocketbook.”

Mr Burchart said he hoped the jackup would encourage lottery winners to play more often.

“It’s just something we all should be looking forward to,” he said.

Mr Bournardt said there were a lot more prizes available this year than in previous years.

“There are three times more prize pools,” he told CBC News.

“We’ve had over $10 million in jackpots.”

Mr LGA executive director Ken Bournar says the lottery jack is expected to boost economic activity and help people access the jack pot.

Mr LGBA executive director Jim Clements said lottery jack pots are a great way to get lottery winners involved in their community.

“Lottery jackpots provide a new and different type of opportunity for individuals and families to play, to earn money, and to play their part in a community and community development project,” Mr Clements told CBC.

Mr Clements also said the jacklot is not a way for lottery winners or their families to be pocketbooks.

“They’re not going to be taking home a lot or any money at all, but that’s the goal of the lottery,” he explained.

“So there’s certainly nothing wrong with that.”

But if you think about how it could affect your pocketbook, that’s not the kind of opportunity that people are going to get out of this.

“The LGA is already working on a new lottery program that will be available in 2019.


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