Posted by Michigan Lotteries on Tuesday, April 24, 2018 06:31:52When the state of Michigan opened its lottery system for the first time on Sunday, the state’s lottery operator was not expecting to have any problems.

However, the lottery has been plagued with a variety of technical issues since it opened its system in March.

The Michigan Lotters Association says that the company is working with the state to resolve the issues, and has promised to update its website soon.

“We want to make sure the website is working smoothly for everybody,” said Matthew Fagan, the group’s CEO.

Fagan said that the lottery operator is not sure if the problems will be fixed before the lottery opens in the next two weeks, or whether the problems can be fixed once it does.

“It’s very early in the process,” Fagan said.

The online lottery service was originally expected to be open for five days from Thursday until Sunday, but it has been extended until May 20.

The lottery has had issues with the internet since the system was launched.

The problems with the system, however, have not been resolved.

The lottery operator has been working with its network provider, Spectrum Communications, to fix the issues.

The problem that caused the issue, Fagan explained, is that Spectrum is in the middle of a contract dispute with the Michigan Lotting Authority.

The internet issues have been a concern for some lottery operators, as they have had to work with Spectrum to fix them.

“They’ve been dealing with the issues on Spectrum for a long time,” Figan said.

“We’re not talking about an issue with the Spectrum internet service, we’re talking about issues with Spectrum network, with Spectrum wireless network.”

The lottery has also been plagued by issues with online registration.

The online registration system for Michigan’s lottery has not been functional since it launched.

According to Fagan’s statement, the website has not functioned since February.

The issues with registration are not the only ones that the online lottery has encountered.

Fagan did not provide a timeline on when registration would be able to start again.

The Michigan Lottering Authority has not yet released a timeline for when the online system will be back online.

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