The lottery jackpot has doubled since April 2017, making Virginia the only state in the U.S. that has seen its total jackpot go up twice in one year.

The winner of the Virginia Lottery’s 2017 jackpot is now worth $6.8 billion, a record.

That was the first time a Virginia Lotteries jackpot had been tripled since it began counting in 2020.

Virginia’s total jackpots have jumped to $23.9 billion since then.

The state is now one of just eight states in the country with an average jackpot of $1.3 billion annually, according to the U, the National Institute on Money in State Politics.

The Virginia Lotters jackpot was up $2.5 billion in just the last month of 2016, while the state’s lottery revenue dropped 1.8% from $1 billion in 2017.

The state is in the middle of a record-breaking drought, which has hit lottery ticket sales hard.

A $15 billion drought in the state of North Carolina has led to a $25 million hit on lottery ticket revenues, according the state Lottery Commission.

The jackpot in North Carolina’s lottery has grown to $30.5 million from $24 million.

The highest jackpot winner in the United States is currently California’s $7.6 billion.

The Virginia lottery is expected to surpass that in 2020 and surpass the $30 billion mark in 2021.