Posted September 12, 2018 11:23:07 The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) said on Thursday that the lottery numbers used to determine which states were winners of the 2018 lottery in Tasmania and Victoria had been switched on and off in a bid to prevent a repeat of the situation in the US.

Tasmania’s Department of Premier and Cabinet announced that the numbers were switched back on after being switched off on October 17, while Victoria’s Department for Social Services said they had switched the numbers on again.

In both cases, the switchover was conducted by a third party.

The switchover process was also carried out by a person, with the Australian Electoral Commission, who has no control over the numbers.

The ABS, which was asked by ABC News to verify the claims, said: “The ABS cannot confirm or deny that any of the Australian numbers have been changed.

The numbers are still set to Tasmania.”

Tasmania’s lottery system was last updated in December 2019.

“Tasmania’s lottery number system has been switched back onto the Australian system to provide the best possible experience for Tasmanians,” a spokeswoman for the department told ABC News.

The spokesperson said Tasmania would continue to use the same lottery numbers and the same online systems as before the switch.

“The new system allows for better online security for all Tasmanians and the public,” the spokeswoman said.

But the spokesperson added: “We can confirm that the Tasmanian lottery number scheme will remain on the Australian list for the remainder of the 2020 Commonwealth Games, as planned.”

“The changes will allow for a faster and more seamless transition of the lottery system into the new Australian system and we expect to see a smooth transition in the months ahead.”

The ABS confirmed the switch back on Thursday, saying: “On Thursday, November 19, 2018, the Australian Bureau updated Tasmania’s electronic lottery system with the new lottery numbers, allowing the department to switch on the system and switch off the system again.”

Tasmania has had a separate lottery system for over 40 years, since the state changed its lottery system in 1980.

The Australian Electoral Commissioner’s Office said it was unaware of any other states having the same switchback process.

The number-switch process has been used for decades in the United States, and was adopted in Canada in 2018.

“There have been no reports of any changes occurring to the numbers in the U.S. or Canada, nor are there any concerns that the number switchover could be reoccurring,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesman added: “[The Australian] lottery system is a highly secure and automated system which ensures the integrity of the numbers and has been continuously improved for more than a century.”

“We have no record of any change occurring to numbers in Australia.

Tasmania has no record that any number changes have been made to the lottery in Australia, and Tasmania has not experienced any change in the number of numbers in its lottery scheme.”

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