Posted January 12, 2018 11:18:25The winners of the lottery in Kentucky have been announced.

The state of Kentucky is home to some of the largest lottery winners in the country.

The winners will be announced on Thursday.

The numbers for the state of Indiana and Mississippi are also listed in the list of winners.

The winner is listed as Mr. Donald G. Hinton.

Hinton was born in New York City, but grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana.

He is the son of a former Indiana state representative, who was a Republican in the state legislature.

He also has ties to Republican President Donald Trump.

In a statement on Twitter, Gov.

Eric Holcomb said: “We are extremely grateful to the people of Kentucky for their faith in America and the opportunity to be part of something great.

The number of states that have made our lottery numbers public, and the number of lottery winners, is unprecedented.

This is a wonderful opportunity for us to share the incredible story of the American Dream with the world.”

The state of Tennessee is also named in the final list of the winners.

Tennessee’s winner is Andrew B. Henson.

The two-time winner is a former state representative and the son-in-law of the governor.

Henson said he’s happy that his name has been on the list and hopes to become a millionaire one day.

He said the winning number is “1,000,000.”

Henson’s mother, Gloria, said she is looking forward to celebrating her first birthday with her son.

“It’s very exciting to be on the right side of history,” she said.

“I hope this day will come when I get to meet my son.”

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