Posted by CT Daily News on November 19, 2018 08:32:29The lottery has been on the airwaves for more than a decade and is the largest in the country.

But it’s not just about numbers on the screen.

The lottery can be a big headache.

It can take hours for an employee to do a check-in or make a ticket available for sale.

And there are no refunds.

The CT Daily news team had the chance to speak with lottery employees about their experience on the phone.

They were all in the same boat.

There are some people who get paid but they’re not happy about that.

The employees also say they get a little overwhelmed.

And what about those who are on call who just want to do some research on the lottery, but don’t want to spend the time to do it on the internet?

Well, the lottery does offer some ways to do that online.

Some of the answers to our questions about the lottery are below.

The online lottery is where the problems start.

Here’s how to get started:How do I know if my ticket is eligible?

To check if your ticket is on the market, you can call the lottery.

Call 1-800-858-3339.

The phone line will tell you if your lottery ticket is currently available for purchase.

If the lottery ticket was not available when you called, the chances are that you are not eligible.

You can also check if you have already won a lottery ticket, by going to the website and clicking on the “Win a Ticket” button.

If you have won a ticket, the information will show up on your lottery account.

If you have yet to win a lottery, you may need to contact a lottery official to confirm your eligibility.

How do you check if my lottery ticket number is correct?

If your lottery number is incorrect, there are some options to try.

If your ticket number shows “0” or “0x”, you are likely eligible.

If it shows “000” or more, you are most likely not eligible, even if you did win.

You need to call back and tell them that you won a lot of tickets and that you want to be checked again.

You will then need to enter your name, birthdate and Social Security number, and they will give you your ticket information.

You can check the lottery site for your winning tickets.

If the number is the same as yours, it means you have been eligible.

How can I check my lottery tickets and if they’re valid?

You can check your lottery tickets for eligibility.

Just call the phone number listed and ask them to verify that the ticket is correct.

If they have not, you should call back.

The information will be saved on your phone and you can check on your account at any time.

The online lottery site does not have the ability to do this.

But if you don’t receive a response from the lottery official, then the lottery is probably not eligible for you.

You may be eligible if you:Are over 18.

Are a disabled veteran, or have been denied an Ohio lottery ticket by a state agency or another agency.

The odds of getting a valid ticket from a lottery are much higher if you are older than 50 and a disabled Veteran.

You must be able to prove that you have a Social Security Number.

If not, then you should contact the Ohio Lottery.

How long does it take for my lottery number to be verified?

If you don�t have the time or money to call the line, you will need to submit your lottery identification number.

You should also check to make sure you don���t have a duplicate ticket or a duplicate winning ticket.

You cannot use the online lottery to buy tickets.

You will need a ticket for each drawing.

How are lottery tickets processed?

The lottery website has a system for checking the status of your tickets.

Call the number on the front of the ticket and ask if you want a verification.

If it�s correct, your lottery score will be updated.

If that�s not the case, you need to check your account.

The same goes for when you submit your winning ticket or you check your score on the site.

The same number will be used to check for duplicate tickets.

How many tickets are available per person?

There are no specific limits on the number of tickets you can win.

It depends on how many people you have on call and the number you submitted to the lottery at the end of the lottery day.

The total number of prizes is not available, and the lottery can allow you to win more than one ticket.

But that is usually not the most common scenario.

There is a limit on the total number that you can be eligible for.

That is usually the limit for winning a lottery number.

The most common number for a winning lottery number that is not a winner is 3.5 million. So, if you

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