Posted November 09, 2019 08:13:49 After winning the largest cash prize in a state lottery, a lottery winner is going to get $7,500,000.

David Fagan, who won the Kentucky Lottery jackpot in 2019, won $7 million in a lottery in the small town of Ochiltree, Kentucky, according to The Ochilten Times newspaper.

The Ochilts and the Ochils reported that Fagan won $4.8 million in the Kentucky State Lottery.

“I was shocked and surprised to win the largest lottery prize in Kentucky history, and I was even more surprised that the prize is going directly to the victims,” Fagan said in a statement.

Fagan’s wife, Julie, is also a winner in the lottery, according the Othilts.

Kentucky lottery officials confirmed the win on Monday.

According to the lottery’s website, the lottery is a state-wide lottery, with prize amounts of $4,000 for a $1,000 purchase and $3,500 for a one-time purchase.

It’s not clear how many people are winning the $7 billion jackpot every year, with the majority of lottery jackpots being allocated by lottery officials to states where there is a shortage of cash.

In Kentucky, there are more than 200 lottery prizes, including the state lottery’s $7billion jackpot, according Toomey County spokeswoman Melissa Lefler.

A total of 6.7 million people have won the jackpot since the state began awarding prizes in the 1960s.

There are currently over 8 million people in Kentucky living below the poverty line.

More than 1,000 people have died from alcohol-related causes in Kentucky, the state’s third-highest death toll, according The Othilt Times.

Ochiltrie County sheriff’s spokeswoman Jessica Schoen said the coroner’s office will perform an autopsy on the deceased on Tuesday.

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